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Lipidomics, Pathobiology and Therapy

Center of Economic Excellence



Award Amount

$5 million

External Funding Above Match

$36.3 million

Research Focus

Develop models for translational research and study of lipodomics and their pathobiology with an emphasis on cancer and inflammation.

University Partner

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
Clemson University

Private Sector Partner

Multiple Industry Partners

The Lipidomics, Pathobiology and Therapy Center leverages the Medical University of South Carolina’s (MUSC) strength in the area of lipidomics, which involves the study of lipids within biological systems. Lipids, along with carbohydrates and proteins, are among the principle components of living cells and include fats, waxes, and similar compounds.

The Center translates the basic lipidomics research occurring at MUSC into an understanding of lipids’ role in health problems such as cancer, inflammation and diabetes. Researchers are using the findings to identify new targets for diagnostics and treatments for these illnesses.

The Center has filed three invention disclosures, two focused on detection and monitoring of bladder cancer and one focused on blood screenings and identification of disease biomarkers. Its researchers are working to generate additional external funding for MUSC’s lipid research program and could lead to the development of patents that can be licensed, sold, or serve as the basis for new start-up companies.

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