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Dr. Delia West

SmartState Endowed Chair for the Technology Center to Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Technology Center to Enhance Healthful Lifestyles

  • Exploring methods to promote physical activity, healthy diet and effective weight control using digital tools that can reach beyond geographic constraints into everyday lives
  • Tackling the challenge of inactivity and poor diets using online and mobile technology to help improve the health of South Carolinians
  • Investigating how to enhance lifestyle interventions to increase efficacy and reach by using technology
  • Developing methods to use technology to better understand when and how people are active, sedentary, successful in weight management and effective in managing their stress

Dr. West is a clinical psychologist who brings extensive research experience in behavioral interventions for weight management with a focus on using technology to deliver evidence-based obesity treatments, lifestyle interventions with minority populations, and reducing risk of chronic diseases through behavioral weight control. Dr. West has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health since 1991 to examine the causes, correlates and prevention of obesity and to develop, implement and refine lifestyle interventions for weight control.

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