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Advanced Fiber-based Materials

Center of Economic Excellence



Award Amount 

$4 million

External Funding Above Match

$14.7 million

Research Focus

To provide the vehicle for reposititioning existing research and manufacturing resources to support new industrial and entrepreneurial opportunities based on advanced polymeric-based materials.

University Partner 

Clemson University

Private Sector Partner (s)

J.E. Sirrine Textile Foundation

The Clemson University Center in Advanced Fiber-based Materials is developing a niche industry in high-tech fibers and materials, including fiber-reinforced composite materials based on metals, ceramics and polymers. Research at this Center concentrates on the composition of novel fiber materials, fabrics, and integrated components that possess unique functionality and value-added performance compared with traditional textile materials. This Center draws on South Carolina’s time-tested strengths in textile manufacturing and will serve as a catalyst to help existing companies support new industry opportunities in this field.

The Center’s research focuses on capillary surface fibers applied in protein separation led to the creation of a start-up company, Specialty Custom Fibers, located in Pendleton, SC.

The J.E. Sirrine Textile Foundation donated a multimillion-dollar non-state match. In honor of the Sirrine Foundation, Clemson coordinated a successful student recruitment for the polymer fiber chemistry undergraduate program, resulting in 28 new undergraduates for the Fall 2009 semester.

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