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Technology Transfer

SmartState Centers of Economic Excellence create technology that can be licensed by existing companies as well as start-up companies through the university technology transfer offices. The results are impressive:

  • 584 invention disclosures have been registered as a result of the SmartState Program to date. These have led to:
    - 241 U.S. and international patent applications.
    - 89 U.S. and international patents issued.
    - 55 active licenses from SmartState research.
  • The Regenerative Medicine Center has filed for several patents in wound healing technology.
  • The Proteomics Center has filed for a patent in proteomics technology.
  • The Marine Genomics Center has sold a diagnostic gene chip to the International Oyster Microarray Consortium on a cost-recovery basis. Intellectual property generated by this Center—that RNA injected into shrimp could protect them against viral infections—has major implications on shrimp aquaculture. 
  • The Optical Materials Center has filed 30 invention disclosures, eight provisional U.S. patent applications, and 20 U.S. patent applications, with 10 U.S. patents issued. The Center has five active executed licenses.
  • Two U.S. patents were granted to the Childhood Neurotherapeutics Center. The Center has also submitted several other provisional, non-provisional, and international patent applications.
  • The Molecular Proteomics in Cardiovascular Disease and Prevention Center has a license agreement with Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, based on its identification of a set of blood enzymes used to detect probabilities of heart failure. 
  • Research at the Cancer Drug Discovery Center has led to the filing of a disclosure for several new compounds that inhibit an enzyme over-expressed in cancer cells, PIM kinase. A new biotech company has been formed to develop these PIM kinase inhibitors for cancer treatment. 
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