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Center of Economic Excellence



Award Amount

$5 million

External Funding Above Match

$29.3 million

Research Focus

Enhancing stroke treatment, prevention, and recovery. This Center is developing new stroke-related therapeutics, drug discovery, and biotechnology, and is a leader in stroke telemedicine.

University Partner

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
University of South Carolina

Private Sector Partner

Health Sciences South Carolina

The goals of the Stroke Center are to reduce the incidence of stroke and improve the provision of acute stroke care.

This collaborative effort enhances the research programs of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), University of South Carolina (USC), Greenville Health System and the Greenwood Genetics Center, and strengthens clinical and basic stroke research in South Carolina. With three endowed chair positions, the Center is increasing access to expert stroke care across the state, building a dynamic translational stroke research program and stimulating the development of new therapeutics, emphasizing drug discovery and biotechnology.
In 2008, the Center implemented the REACH (Remote Evaluation of Acute Ischemic Stroke) Network. The network provides around-the-clock, Internet-based stroke consultation for patients within the first three hours of a stroke occurrence.
Both MUSC and USC serve as hubs for the REACH Stroke Network, reaching out to community hospitals throughout the state. More than ten hospitals have connected to the network, MUSC neurologists treat stroke victims at community hospitals remotely with t-PA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) thrombolytic therapy through telemedicine.

With the activation of the REACH Stroke Network, 56 percent of the South Carolina population is now within a 60-minute drive of tPA treatment compared with only 39 percent prior to REACH utilization. The Center plans to extend the REACH Network to seven counties, with coverage of almost 1,000 beds and 200,000 emergency room visits per year.

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