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SAGE: Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity



Award Amount

$5 million

External Funding Above Match

$12.7 Million

Research Focus

Developing, improving, and advancing technologies to enhance the environmental performance of electricity production. Other work focuses on converting CO2 to chemicals, fuel cell and hydrogen storage-related research, and chemical production from coal to biomass.

University Partner

University of South Carolina

The Center is conducting research to reduce the  environmental effects of burning coal to produce electricity. Coal is currently the cheapest and most widely available energy source, and will remain in use for several more decades. Stricter regulations on coal plant emissions have created a great need for research in this field.

The Center will focus on improving environmental control technologies for coal power plants, including improving emission controls and developing new materials and processes to capture and store or find a use for carbon emissions. The Center is another step toward making the University of South Carolina an international leader in future fuels/energy research.  

Two research projects have been initiated: one on the refining of crushed coal by particle size, and the second on pressure swing adsorption cycles for CO2 capture from coal-fired power plants.

Santee Cooper and the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina have provided the non-state matching funds for this Center.

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