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Marek W. Urban, PhD

J.E. Sirrine Textile Foundation Endowed Chair in Fiber-based Materials OR J.E. Sirrine Polymeric Materials Endowed Chair

SmartState® Center of Excellence in Advanced Fiber-based Materials OR SmartState® Center of Excellence in Polymeric Materials and Fibers

  • Stimuli-responsive polymeric materials and fibers
  • Development of self-healing polymers
  • Antimicrobial surfaces and interfaces
  • Polymer synthesis and spectroscopy

Marek W. Urban is the Sirrine Foundation Endowed Chair and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Clemson University. He received MS in Chemistry from Marquette University, PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Eng. Department from Michigan Technological University, and postdoctoral at Case Western Reserve University. Prior to joining Clemson University in 2013, he was a professor of polymer science at NDSU and USM, where he directed the Materials Research Science and Engineering (MRSEC) as well as Industry/University Cooperative Research (I/U CRC) Centers funded by the National Science Foundation.

He is the author of over 400 research publications and patents, author of four books (Wiley, Royal Society of Chemistry, and Oxford University Press) and editor of seven American Chemical Society Advances in Chemistry Series as well as Wiley Handbook on Stimuli-Responsive Materials. His research on antimicrobial polymers and self-healing polymers has been featured by numerous media, including NY Times, Forbes, BBC, NBC, Discovery, USA Today, Yahoo, many TV and radio stations around the World. He is the Fellow of American Chemical Society PMSE Division and recipient of numerous awards, most recently the 2017 Chemical Pioneer Award from American Institute of Chemists. Current research efforts focus on understanding molecular level processes governing responsiveness in materials, development of novel polymeric nanomaterials with ‘living-like’ functions, and the design of self-healing materials that utilize natural sources of energy.

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