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Center of Economic Excellence



Award Amount

$2 million

External Funding Above Match

$7.6 million

Research Focus

Connecting research and scholarship, particularly in interdisciplinary aspects of high-performance computing, networking, and data storage; the security of information systems and networks; human-computer interactions; interpretation; and visualization to the commercial sector via strategic industrial partnerships. Conduct research in conjunction with the Clemson University CyberInstitute.

University Partner

Clemson University

Private Sector Partner

Omnibond Systems, LLC

Cyberinfrastructure is the term for hardware, software, and networking tools that make it easier to conduct research that requires the ability to store, process, and transmit large amounts of data. Cyberinfrastructure helps researchers organize and coordinate data, enhancing their ability to manage projects and collaborate with colleagues who may be in different locations. It can also help accelerate research findings.
The Cyberinstitute Center concentrates its research on developing, testing, and evaluating prototype cyberinfrastructure equipment and programs, leading to stronger collaborative environments for research, education, and technology transfer at Clemson and throughout South Carolina.

The Center’s objectives include increasing the level of research funding to build integrated cyberinfrastructure in the state; connecting research and scholarship in the field to the commercial sector through corporate partnerships; expanding the creation and utilization of cyberinfrastructure resources in South Carolina; and developing an education and workforce development program.

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