SmartState Endowed Chairs

Each SmartState Center is home to one or more Endowed Chairs, world-class research scientists and engineers who are the intellectual talent of the Program. These Endowed Chairs fulfill many roles: researcher, entrepreneur, mentor, and educator. Each is supported by a research team consisting of junior faculty members, research faculty and graduate students.

Because of the innovative nature of the SmartState Program, the research universities have succeeded in attracting Endowed Chairs from top universities that include Harvard, Georgetown, New York University, the University of Pennsylvania, Duke, and others. They have come to South Carolina to make a difference—in economic development and entrepreneurship, education and the state’s quality of life.

Meet South Carolina’s SmartState Endowed Chairs.

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SmartState Endowed Chairs by Cluster


Dr. Robert J Adams
Dr. Robert Baldwin
Dr. John Brooks
Dr. Manuel Casanova
Dr. Kenneth Catchpole
Dr. Marc Chimowitz
Dr. Christopher Cowan
Dr. Nancy Demore
Dr. Thomas DiSalvo
Dr. Richard Drake
Dr. Stephen A. Duncan
Dr. Johan Enslin
Dr. Carol Feghali-Bostwick
Dr. Marvella E. Ford
Dr. Julius Fridriksson
Dr. Jeremy Gilbert
Dr. Joseph A. Helpern
Dr. Chanita Hughes-Halbert
Dr. Anjali Joseph
Dr. Les Lenert
Dr. Sue Levkoff
Dr. Xiaoming Li
Dr. Sheldon E. Litwin
Dr. Anand Mehta
Dr. Stephane Meystre
Dr. Martin Morad
Dr. Gavin Naylor
Dr. Deepak Nihalani
Dr. Jihad Obeid
Dr. Baerbel Rohrer
Dr. Chris Rorden
Dr. John Schaefer
Dr. Souvik Sen
Dr. Frank Treiber
Dr. Betty Tsao
Dr. Jeffrey Twiss
Dr. Delia West

Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology

Dr. John Ballato
Dr. Brian Benicewicz
Dr. Jamie Lead
Dr. Marek Urban
Dr. Michel van Tooren


Dr. Charles Bennett
Dr. Carolyn Britten
Dr. J. Alan Diehl
Dr. Mark Hamann
Dr. John J. Lemasters
Dr. Gustavo W. Leone
Dr. Zihai Li
Dr. Mitzi Nagarkatti
Dr. Besim Ogretmen
Dr. Igor Roninson
Dr. Kenneth D. Tew
Dr. Patrick M. Woster
Dr. Xue Zhong Yu

Energy & Alternative Fuels

Dr. Theodore M. Besmann
Dr. Dan Gabriel Cacuci
Dr. Jochen Lauterbach
Dr. John Regalbuto

Information Science

Dr. Laura B. Cardinal
Dr. Wolfgang Dahmen
Dr. Simon Hudson
Dr. Eric Johnson
Dr. Amy Landis

Automotive & Transportation

Dr. Zoran Filipi
Dr. Venkat Krovi
Dr. Scott Mason
Dr. Laine Mears